Food and Drink in Belgium

*Our daily food begins with breakfast:

- we have a great variety of bread: whole meal bread; white bread; rye bread; cornbread; baguette; sandwiches; rolls and croissants.

- in the morning we like to put cheese, cheese spread, marmalade, chocolate spread, and syrup, on our bread.

- children also like corn flakes very much

* our lunch mostly exists of bread with a variety of sandwich fillings

These are all sandwich spreads (9)

These are different kinds of salamis and sausages (9)

hams, gammon, and regional specialities(9)

* our dinner:

- soup with any kind of vegetable (children prefer tomato soup with little meatballs)

- potatoes, rice or pasta

- a variety of vegetables: the speciality here in Belgium is chicory


- meat, fish or chicken

Belgium is well known for their French-fries (don't know why they call them "French"?). The fries are not only famous for their superb quality but also because anywhere in our country you can buy them with mayonnaise and casserole or any other snack at almost every street corner. Many families but also most company and school restaurants serve French-fries at least one day a week

- dessert (yoghurt, pudding, fruit, ice-cream, etc.)

-we are very famous for our Belgian Chocolates "Pralines"(10)

I also want to thank our local Butcher "Van Helvert" in Brecht for  offering me the pictures of all the meat.
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