Did you know?

This picture is made by my sister-in-law "Happy" (thank you very much)

...(Facts: cities are never more than 20 km away; no one lives further than 90 to 160 km from a border; the longest distance between two borders is 275 km)

... our telephone net is very modern but one of the most expensive in Europe.

... you can see Belgium (and only Belgium!) from out of space, because all our highways, shops, streets, factories, etc. are lit up at night. (Perhaps we are the only country that uses the word "light pollution" and not without reason).

... nowhere else in the world, can you choose between more kinds of beer than here in Belgium (over 500).

... although Belgium is a very small country, we have split it in two language communities; this means that many people feel "Flemish" or "Walloon" rather than "Belgian". Consequently, we do not know a real national chauvinism as many other nations do and we hardly know the text of our national (Belgian) hymn (we just sing la, la, la). (There is one exception to our lack of chauvinism; when Belgium plays soccer against Holland, our neighbour country, we do feel very "Belgian"!)

... we treated Bill Gates with a cream-pie .............. right in the face!

... we are an open country with many neighbours; France, Luxembourg, Germany, The Netherlands and Britain (on the other end of the North Sea).

... we are reputable for our BD. of quality (Tintin, Obélix and Astérix, Lucky Luke, The Blue Tunics, Marsupilami... are only a small part of what Belgium can offer you)

... Julius Caesar called us the "valiant Belgians", because on numerous occasions we should have hunted the enemy, who came in excessive numbers to our land. Among the invaders: France, Spain and The Netherlands.

If other Belgian friends think of something that I have forgotten, let me know and I will add it to this page.

I want to thank my sister-in-law Happy Gijbels, and my friend Isabelle very much for their contribution to this page

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